Bond Tech Glue- Bond Tech Primer

For high performance bonding with polyofines (PE and PP) Without a pre-treatment homopolar synthetics such as polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), cannot  be glued permanently with cyanocylate glue. The surface energy of these polyalefins ranges around 30mN/m, which leads to problems in moistening these materials with glue. In practice however, it is just these materials that are frequently employed because of their excellent properties. Still, when glued together, the results were usually either not satisfactory or else it was not possible at all.

Until now, an improvement of the surface adhesion of materials difficult to glue had been achieved in practice through very expensive methods.

An oxidation of the surface of the synthetic material can be achieved through singeing, flaming with a light, etching or mordant as well as by employing the corona of the low-pressure plasma method.

Apart from the usually very high investment costs, there is often another important disadvantage when gluing with cyanoacylate glues; in the course of certain methods there is a possibility of acidic cleavage products originating and remaining on the surface (depending on the material). These residues can prevent the hardening of cyanoacylate glues or may cause a distinct deceleration of the process. Often the activity of the pre-treated surfaces decreases within a short period of time, so disruption of continuous productions may lead to deviations in quality with regard to the joining (decrease in tenacity). Complicated joint constructions, i.e. corner sections with larger depressions, often can not be activated through conventional procedures.

Due to the unsatisfactory results connected with the pre-treatment procedures mentioned above, alternative methods have been sought for the efficient gluing of homopolar materials with cyanoacrylate glue.

Bond Tech Primer now offers a practical possibility to gain, by simple means, a high degree of tenacity when gluing homopolar materials with cyanoacrylate glues. The low viscous solution si applied to the materials that are usually difficult to glue. after the short time it takes the nonpolluting solvent to evaporate, a quick and after the final hardening high-performance and non-ageing joining can be performed with Bond Tech Glue. the pre-treated surfaces do not have to be processed immediately, the hardening will not be impaired by an intermediate storage of several hours.

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