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Environmentally friendly retail adhesive

Instructions for Use of the Glue

 1. Unscrew the cap.  

2. Using a pair of scissors, make a cut at the thinnest end of the      bottles nozzle.  

3. Prepare the items surface by cleaning it with alcohol, acetone or      nail polish remover.  

4. Surfaces to be joined must be free of rust, grease and dust.   

5. Allow for the joined surface to dry.  For highly absorbent material,      such as leather, applying more adhesive product will be required.   

6. For nonporous material, such as glass, lightly scratch the surface      with fine sandpaper. Remove any traces of old adhesive.  

7. Best results are obtained at room temperature. Allow the item to dry      a few minutes (up to 7-8 hours for porous material) in order for it to      firmly set.  

Instructions for Use of the Glue

BondTech should be stored upright in a cool, dark  place in order to preserve its effective properties.  We guarantee the  useful life of our product for one full year provided that the opened      bottle be kept in the refrigerator after it has been opened.   

BondTech is  not responsible for any damage (including that to third party) resulting from improper use or application of BondTech.